Powdered Isotonic sports drink. Comes in orange and lemon lime and provides essential electrolytes. All natural ingredients and flavouring. Available in packs of 10 from good supermarkets.


THE Bike Shop. Long time supporters of my racing. A great place to get bikes and bike gear with expert advice and support. My Trek Superfly, Topfuel and Madone are all from Cyco.

Trek Bikes:

Makers of some of the fastest bikes on the planet. From the Session DH bike to the Superfly 29er and the Emonda road bike. Through Cyco I ride a Trek Superfly hardtail, TopFuel xc full suspension and a Madone road bike.


Rebel Food:

I’ve joined the revolution as part of the Rebel Food Army. Take Nutribombs – natural ingredients combined in a balanced way to make delicious, healthy and energy rich snacks for training, racing and everyday life. Jump across to for more info.

If you are interested in supporting me on my journey please get in touch via email


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